Gone are the days when the barter system was the answer to everything. Get grains, sell them and you’d get anything worth that share. Simple, wasn’t it? Well, technically, even the barter system has its own complications. Why else did it get replaced?


Coming to the time we live in, marketing isn’t an easy thing to discuss. Get into it and you’ll understand that it’s not just about buying and selling. It’s way more than just that. Also, with the digital era at its peak, marketing has touched heights of confusion. There are a lot of terms out there which doesn’t even make sense (to many of us) but are really significant if one wishes to stay in the market. One such term is ‘content advertising’.


Now you’d be thinking, ‘aren’t content advertising and content marketing the same thing? We, actually no! There are two similar, but different things. Let me clear it out for you. In the simplest of words, content advertising is the act of publishing content with the intention of promoting it through different paid distribution channels. This includes, paid social, sponsored placements, PPC campaigns, and any type of paid promotional opportunities. Any sort of content can be produced as content advertising. Until you are using paid campaigns for the promotion purpose, you are right in the track of content advertising.


Content Marketing And Content Advertising; What’s The Difference?

The very basic difference between content marketing and content advertising is the fact that the former depends on SEO and other organic ways of promotion, while the later directly uses funds for that purpose. Content marketing demands consuming in the first place, while content advertising demands ‘action’ primarily.


One thing that both content advertising and content marketing puts a high emphasis on is ‘quality’. It’s only the quality content that sells. Just because you are putting funds into promotion in content advertising doesn’t mean your content can be any less valuable than the organic content promotions. To Get Your Advertising Done Right Visit The Link Smithk Solutions.


Native Advertising and Content Advertising


There are a lot of people who think that content advertising is just another name for native advertising. One must never forget that while content advertising is based on “owned media”, the concept of native advertising is solely based on paying for media space of others. As per content advertising, it must be indistinguishable from the organic content marketing and must look the same to the audience.


Advantages Of Content Advertising


To think of it, one of the most significant benefits of Content Advertising is the fact that it doesn’t rely on search or discoverability. With content advertising you won’t have to think of appealing to a large audience or SEO, if you are paying for it, simply choose your target audience and a channel, and you are good to go.


There is some content that might be considered too niche to be promoted organically. These can be processed through content advertising. There are a lot more to content advertising which you’ll realise once you opt-in for it.

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